Promoting Sustainability in Venice: Our Collaboration with the Lazzaretti Veneziani’s Ecomuseum

March 30, 2022
Promoting Sustainability in Venice: Our Collaboration with the Lazzaretti Veneziani’s Ecomuseum


At Venice Lagoon Plastic Free, we are committed to promoting sustainability in Venice’s islands through the removal, collection, monitoring and awareness of plastic waste in its lagoon. That’s why it’s important for us to work closely with local institutes and associations to create a community which can combat the increasingly drastic plastic pollution problem on a local, national, and international level.

With this in mind, we are excited to announce our collaboration with the Ecomuseum of the Lazzaretti Veneziani, promoted by associations Ekos Club and Archeoclub d’Italia from the Lazzaretto Nuovo island.



Lazzaretto Nuovo Island


The location of our most recent marine litter monitoring session, the Lazzaretto Nuovo is one of Venice’s most naturally beautiful and historically (and environmentally) significant islands. An important strategical location which dates back to ancient times, the island was used during the 1400s as the destination for the Venetian Republic’s quarantine system.

During the 1800s, the island formed part of the laguna defence system; today it is the only Venetian island rescued from abandon by a non-profit project which regenerates urban spaces. This led to the foundation of incentives such as the ecomuseum, which is visited by thousands of people around the world and hosts educational and research-based activities.

The Lazzaretto Nuovo is also home to the Archaeological Deposit for the Ministry of Culture, and is framed by the ‘barene’ pathways which once passed by the old town centre. This, alongside the natural ‘Sentiero delle Barene’ walkway, contributes to the story of one of the lagoon’s most unique ecosystems.



Read about our latest marine litter monitoring session here



view across the lagoon from the nature walk of lazzaretto nuovo in venice



Our collaboration: plastic pollution and sustainability in Venice


Our collaboration with the ecomuseum of the Lazzaretti Veneziani is of significant importance in contributing to the sustainability of Venice Lagoon, and therefore to the protection of its ecosystems. Although the island offers only restricted access, and therefore has limited human presence, a large quantity of marine litter still inevitably finds its way onto the shores of the Lazzaretto Nuovo, often deposited by the current of the waters. This collaboration will allow us to organise monitoring initiatives which evaluate the type and density of marine litter present on the island, organising also dedicated clean-ups and other activities of communal interest.

The Lazzaretti Veneziani have long been dedicated to the implementation of these clean-up and environmental protection activities. Examples of this are their Ecological Day, which has taken place since 2000, and their educational ‘Climax Change’ project.

In uniting our strengths, we will be able to achieve ambitious results when it comes to the protection of the Lazzaretto Nuovo’s important cultural and environmental heritage, positively impacting, therefore, sustainability in Venice and its lagoon. We can’t wait to start working together towards cleaner waters in Venice and beyond.


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