Starting from summer 2019, we have been carrying out yearly water sampling and analysis in search for plastics and other derived micropollutants in the channels and lagoon of Venice.

At the end of August 2019 Venice Lagoon Plastic Free carried out a point sampling of the waters of the Grand Canal in order to conduct a preliminary qualitative analysis aimed at detecting micropollutants related to the presence of plastics in the marine environment. The samples were subjected to gas chromatographic analysis in the chemistry laboratories of Technical and Technological Institute Montani in Fermo (FM), the oldest technical and technological institute in Italy (founded in 1854).

In addition to fuel related pollutants and their combustion, there was the presence of plastic molecules including: phthalates used as plasticizers (some of them are endocrine and carcinogenic interferents in animals) and in the synthesis of synthetic rubbers, stabilizers for polymers, additives for lubricants, and accelerators for rubber vulcanization.

More information can be found in this report


The Technical and Technological Institute  “G. and M. Montani is the oldest technical school in Italy, founded in 1854 in Fermo (FM). It includes six departments: Agriculture, food and agroindustry; Chemistry, materials and biotechnology; Electronics and electrical engineering; IT and telecommunications; Mechanics, mechatronics and energy; Transportation and logistics.

More information about the Institute’s work are available at this page.