About us

Venice Lagoon Plastic Free is a young non-profit organization based in Venice, formally listed on the Regional Register of voluntary associations of the Region of Veneto and on the Register of associations of the city of Venice. Since October 2022, we have also been listed on the National Single Third Sector Registry (RUNTS). We function as a platform for action, connecting other organizations locally and internationally along with single individuals to:

  • Design, develop, implement and promote local, national and international projects/networks to catalyse resources and expertise for plastic pollution prevention and remediation measures, within a circular economy approach
  • Operate decentralised large scale clean-ups in the city of Venice, its lagoon, including nearby mainland towns and cities
  • Promote public debates and awareness initiatives with different stakeholders to raise awareness of the danger of plastic pollution, encouraging the uptake of good practices along with individual and collective actions
  • Carry out independent environmental monitoring initiatives in the waters of Venice, in cooperation with research/educational institutes and centres

Our activities are multidisciplinary and set in cooperation with a broad array of stakeholders and organizations.