VLPF works for decentralized cooperation in the blue economy

July 13, 2023
VLPF works for decentralized cooperation in the blue economy

Venice Lagoon Plastic Free took part in an important series of meetings in Ancona and San Benedetto del Tronto on June 28 and 29, 2023, which involved the collaboration of the MAELSTROM (H2020 in which VLPF is a partner), WINBLUE and ISOSPAM projects, the latter funded by the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation (AICS).

The purpose of the meetings was aimed at deepening the sustainable management of marine resources and sharing know-how and experiences in the field of blue economy.

Together with VLPF, ISDI Ltd (Malta) partner in the MAELSTROM project, Biochica Srl (Italy) affiliated with the WINBLUE project, and COSPE of Florence in the framework of the ISOSPAM project took part in these meetings.

In particular, the following meetings were held:

  • AMAP (Regional Agency for Innovation in the Agricultural and Fisheries Sectors) of the Marche Region (Italy): discussions covered the regional observatory of blue economy activities, future prospects and cooperation between projects in the ADRION region (Adriatic and Ionian).
  • ITT Montani of Fermo (Italy) and Polytechnic of Montreal (Canada): with a focus on new applications of fishery residues as biobased products and new opportunities that applied biotechnology research and development can offer to younger generations, particularly women.
  • Sharing of best practices related to the MAELSTROM and WINBLUE projects with representatives of local fishing communities in the Manebì region of Ecuador, followed by interviews conducted in collaboration with Blue Marine of San Benedetto del Tronto (Italy) and the Italian NGO COSPE. In this context, the recovery and recycling of plastic composite materials including fiberglass (MAELSTROM project) and the promotion of the role of women in the blue economy (WINBLUE project) were presented and discussed with wide interest from Ecuadorian communities.

The meetings promoted better understanding, synergies and exchange of know-how related to the valorization of marine litter and waste from the fishing industry, as well as sharing experiences on the role of women in the blue economy.

During the event, further joint actions were identified to support the blue economy on a local scale, both in traditional sectors such as maritime transport, fisheries, aquaculture and sustainable tourism, and in emerging sectors such as sustainable renewable energy and marine biotechnology.

VLPF in synergy with the MAELSTROM, WINBLUE and ISOSPAM projects intends to continue to promote the conservation of marine resources, the reduction of environmental impact and the economic and social development of the communities involved in the realization of a sustainable blue economy.