Venice Lagoon Plastic Free participated to the European Ocean Days

March 15, 2024
Venice Lagoon Plastic Free participated to the European Ocean Days
Last week, Venice Lagoon Plastic Free (VLPF) proudly participated in the inaugural European Ocean Days, a week-long series of events focused on European maritime topics. Organized for the first time in 2024, European Ocean Days brought together stakeholders from diverse backgrounds to explore future pathways for Europe’s marine environment.

Throughout the week, European Ocean Days addressed topics such as the EU Mission Ocean and Waters, future priorities for Europe’s seas, blue innovation, investment opportunities, and ocean literacy activities. 

The European Ocean days started with the Mission Ocean & Waters Forum combined with a matchmaking event. 

During this matchmaking session, VLPF seized the opportunity to showcase its efforts in implementing sustainable solutions for marine litter removal and recycling, bridging technology and social innovation.

Moreover, as a partner of the MAELSTROM project, VLPF joined the colleagues from CNR ISMAR, TGBB and Gees Recycling at a dedicated booth at the SPARKS building. Visitors had the chance to experience prototypes of the innovative solutions of the Maelstrom project, including the Bubble Barrier, the Robotic Seabed Cleaning Platform, and mechanically recycled marine litter materials produced by Gees Recycling with the cooperation of VLPF.

In this occasion, VLPF and colleagues engaged in discussions with key figures such as Charlina Vitcheva, Director General at the Directorate-General for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries; John Bell, Director of the European Commission’s ‘Healthy Planet’ Directorate; and John Hanus, Policy Officer for Healthy Oceans & Seas.

On the final day of the European Ocean Days, VLPF received a prestigious invitation to the European Parliament as a signatory member of the “Mission Restore our Ocean and Waters” Charter.

This invitation underscored the recognition of VLPF’s pivotal role in advocating for marine health and sustainability, representing a significant milestone for VLPF, affirming its status as a key player in the quest for a healthier and more sustainable marine environment, using the world heritage site of Venice and its lagoon as a laboratory for innovation for sustainable blue economy for the whole mediterranean sea, starting form its “Ghost Boat” permanent programme.

This opportunity provided VLPF with a unique platform to showcase its activities, initiatives, and accomplishments directly to policymakers and stakeholders at the heart of European decision-making.

As a signatory of the European Mission Ocean Charter, VLPF was able to amplify its voice and convey its commitment to addressing critical marine issues along with the other signatory parties to maintain and strengthen the EU Mission Ocean in the future.

Events like the European Ocean Days are crucial for raising awareness, fostering collaboration, and driving positive change to protect our oceans and waterways.

VLPF was thrilled to participate and remains dedicated to further developing its contributions to #MissionOcean, striving to protect and restore our oceans for a sustainable future.