Venice Lagoon Plastic Free Selected for the Crédit Agricole For Dream Initiative

March 21, 2023
Venice Lagoon Plastic Free Selected for the Crédit Agricole For Dream Initiative


Venice Lagoon Plastic Free is delighted to share that the project Ghost Boats 2.0 has recently been selected for the Crédit Agricole For Dream initiative: a fundraising effort which supports organisations and projects in Italy. From more than 150 candidates in the Voluntary Sector across Italy, only 12 projects have been selected for the initiative, which adheres to two of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.



The Crédit Agricole For Dream Initiative


Crédit Agricole Italia has launched its For Dream Initiative, which aims to contribute to the sustainable development of national associations and organisations in the Voluntary Sector through crowdfunding efforts. The initiative offers its support to projects which generate a positive impact on the local community by matching each donation to a project CrowdForLife fundraising page; this doubles the total money raised for each project.

The two UN Sustainable Development Goals inspiring the Crédit Agricole For Dream initiative are goals 10 and 13 – respectively, Reduced Inequalities and Climate Action.



Removal and Recycling of Ghost Boats in Venice Lagoon


With the funds raised through the Crédit Agricole For Dream initiative, VLPF will continue to correctly remove and recycle the abandoned boats in Venice Lagoon with the help of the Poseidone Association and GEES Recycling, who specialise in the mechanical recycling of hard-to-treat materials. The presence of these ‘ghost boats’ adds to the diffusion of macro- and micro-contaminants deriving from their resins, paints, and metals. In addition, the abandoned boats obstruct canals and waterways, creating dangerous obstacles for boats to navigate around depending on the tides; their presence also undermines the natural beauty of Venice and its lagoon.

VLPF will use these funds to continue to work towards the end goal of completely eliminating the presence of fibreglass boats abandoned throughout the lagoon, removing the metallic and fibreglass materials to then be fully recycled. In this case, dumps and thermal processing are not sustainable options. This initiative will be achieved in association with the Interregional Administration for Public Operations for Veneto, Trentino-Alto Adige, and Friuli-Venezia Giulia.


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