Third International Workshop on Marine Litter: Promoting Sustainable Solutions

June 19, 2023
Third International Workshop on Marine Litter: Promoting Sustainable Solutions

An important initiative to address plastic pollution at sea took place during the Third International Workshop on Marine Litter Monitoring, Removal and Circular Economy, held on June 1st, 2023 at CNR-ISMAR in Venice. Venice Lagoon Plastic Free (VLPF), as partner in the Innoplastic and Maelstrom projects, played a key role in organizing this major event.

The workshop brought together a selected group of experts, researchers and stakeholders, all united by the common goal of finding innovative and sustainable solutions to fight plastic pollution. The event addressed crucial topics such as monitoring plastic in the sea, removing it, and implementing a circular economy to give a second life to marine litter.

The workshop was organized by two H2020-funded projects, Innoplastic and Maelstrom, whose partners also presented their initiatives and progress in marine plastic research. VLPF helped organize the event, furthering its mission to protect the Venice Lagoon and promote sustainable practices to preserve its waters and natural wealth.

The workshop presented advanced solutions for the monitoring and removal of plastic waste. Experts from different projects illustrated the use of underwater robots, advanced seabed cleaning systems, and the importance of raising societal awareness to promote a change of mindset and greater commitment to reducing the use of single-use plastics.

A key aspect of the workshop was the circular economy approach, which emphasizes recycling and reusing plastics to reduce the environmental impact. VLPF had the opportunity to present some important updates on the progress of its activities in monitoring marine litter and recycling fiberglass boats with the Ghost Boats 2.0 project, demonstrating how positive results can be achieved for the environment and the local economy.

The event served as a platform for knowledge exchange and deepening collaborations. Through Q&A sessions, participants were able to share ideas, experiences and best practices for tackling marine plastic pollution in concrete and effective ways.

The workshop concluded with a sense of great hope and collective commitment to promote a sustainable future. The active participation of experts and stakeholders laid the foundation for new partnerships and initiatives to reduce plastic pollution and preserve the marine ecosystem for future generations.

We at VLPF, partners with Innoplastic and Maelstrom, are committed to continuing our work with determination, using research, innovation and outreach to achieve a common goal: to make the Venice Lagoon as sustainable as possible.

Join us in this mission and be part of the change! Together we can make a difference and preserve the beauty and integrity of the Venice Lagoon for present and future generations.