Economic impact of tap water on personal budget

March 31, 2021
Economic impact of tap water on personal budget

Drinking tap water is an environmentally-friendly solution that helps to reduce the use of single-use plastic bottles. With reusable containers, we can decrease the amount of single-use bottles and therefore, reduce of plastic pollution.

This approach is not only beneficial for the environment, but it creates an important economic effect on one’s budget. Research conducted by the University of Salento shows that, on average, a bottle of water of 1,5 l which costs between € 0,5 and € 1, adds up to at least 550 a year per person (based on average water consumption)*. With reusable containers and tap water, a person can avoid this cost and equally contribute to a cleaner environment.

Tap water and reusable bottles create an important environmental impact. Production of just one plastic bottle requires the amount of energy needed to recharge up to 70 times your phone (>1 kwh) and more than 3 litres of water! Moreover, when produced, plastic water bottles generate emissions and waste increased with their transport to supermarkets and selling points.

And let’s not forget once the plastic bottles are single-used, they become waste quickly. If not recycled (the majority of cases), they are disposed of in controlled landfills for centuries or often sent to developing countries for unregulated and illegal dumping on land and sea.

Finally, there is a health issue involved. The chemical used to make the plastic (Bisphenol A or BPA) has been proven to be hazardous to human health and strongly linked to several health problems, including certain types of cancer, neurological difficulties and reduced fertility in women, just to name a few. BPA enters the human body through exposure to plastics such as bottled drinks. That is one more reason why we should avoid single-use plastic bottles and drink tap water.

Therefore, use of rechargeable containers and tap water has plenty of positive effects, not only for the environment but also for personal health and budget. We invite everyone to take this important step and act responsibly at home and travelling. There are many other ways to reduce plastics pollution: drinking tap water and refilling reusable bottles is a good start for it. We contribute to this critical challenge with a map of tap water fountains in Venice, available to all visitors to refill their bottles instead of purchasing new ones when staying in Venice.


*How calculations are made?

Production: Consumption for a bottle of 1,5 litres. Data source study from the University of Salento published on 27 September 2020, verified with available sources online from the EU and US environmental Agency.

Saving: Considering a person drinks around 2 litres a day. Cost is based on average EU municipality prices, where drinking tap water cost per person is between €40 and €50 a year. Additional water management cost from the municipality are excluded since you would pay them anyway for the other services you already use. Don’t you agree?


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