Second edition of the World Clean-up day

September 19, 2019
Second edition of the World Clean-up day

Between the 20th and the 21st of September second edition of the World Clean-up Day takes place in Venice. The activity is organized in collaboration with numerous Venetian institutions and associations and aims to set up an awareness day and public meeting between the private sector and citizens on the issue of sustainability in the Venetian hotel sector, covering, among others, topics of the reduction and possible elimination of disposable plastics.

The meeting with the community and professionals is planned for September 20 at the Hotel Ca’ Sagredo in Venice, thanks to the collaboration with AVA, the Green Building Council Italy, and Technological and Technical Institute Montani of Fermo, which will present preliminary sampling data of the waters of the Grand Canal and the port of Lido di Venezia, and chemical analysis of the pollutants deriving from microplastics.

The next day, September 21st, associations, citizens and tourists are invited to join for a massive clean-up action throughout the Venetian territory, which is not limited to the historic centre of Venice, but is extending to the mainland, lagoon and lagoon eaves, too. The clean-up will cover all removable waste and in particular plastic waste that, accidentally or voluntarily abandoned, with their polymers invade vast areas of the lagoon, the waterways of the eaves and the mainland.

The initiative is purely civic and educational, without any political connotation and open to every single individual of any nationality, religion and any associative group that intends to join it.

Venice Lagoon Plastic Free intends to create a common space accessible to every public and private actor, individual citizens, research and scientific bodies as well as local associations to deepen and raise public awareness on the impact of plastic waste in the environment and the possible solutions for this pollution.

For this purpose, an organizational committee has been set up with representatives who will coordinate with the various bodies necessary for optimal development of the initiative in its preparatory and executive phase, in conformity with the provisions issued by the authorities and by the municipal company responsible for the management of municipal solid waste (VERITAS).

Direct intervention and exclusion areas will be identified where it is not possible to carry out clean-up activities. These areas will be coordinated by the associations belonging to their operational areas.