InNoPlastic Final Meeting

April 10, 2024
InNoPlastic Final Meeting

The final event of the InNoPlastic (InNovative approaches towards Prevention, removal, and reuse of marine Plastic litter) project, for which VLPF coordinated the communication and dissemination, was held on the 20th and 21st of March in Hengelo at the World Trade Center. It gathered all project partners and leading experts.

During this two day event, VLPF with the other project partners had, at first, the opportunity to work on the technical issues regarding the technical report. The second day was dedicated to an open discussion with other stakeholders and experts regarding the interesting project results and the related technical and technological innovations

During this event, the 3D video “The extraordinary innovations of In No Plastic in the Fight Against Pollution,” developed by VLPF during the In No Plastic project, was displayed. This short video takes viewers on a visual journey that not only unveils the ambivalent nature of plastic, but also exposes, in a simplified way, the cutting-edge technologies developed by partners to combat marine pollution.

These included the Archimedean Drum, a technology that extracts plastic waste from aquatic environments while safeguarding marine life, and the Seeker Robot, a robot with cutting-edge detection capabilities that identifies and retrieves plastic waste with precision and efficiency.

Moreover, the participants of the event had the chance to see and touch some of the 3D objects developed from marine litter on the island of Krk in Croatia. Thanks to the mechanical recycling of these items, various objects were made: such as glass frames, keychains, and trash bins.

Furthermore, Claudia Pecoraro, Policy Officer from the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Research and Innovation, representing the Healthy Planet division within the “Healthy Ocean EU Mission: Restore our Ocean and Waters” has also participated in the event with a dedicated speech. 

The InNoPlastic project comes to an end. However, the significant results achieved represent a significant legacy in terms of knowledge and expertise that the project partners will continue to value in the upcoming future.