Presenting the Results of Ghost Boats 2.0 Project at Fondaco di Venezia

January 18, 2024
Presenting the Results of Ghost Boats 2.0 Project at Fondaco di Venezia

In an effort to preserve the delicate ecosystem of the Venice Lagoon, Venice Lagoon Plastic Free (VLPF) is willing to present the results of its Ghost Boats 2.0 project. The event will take place Wednesday, January 31st, at 18:00, at the Events Pavilion (4 floor) of the iconic Fondaco dei Tedeschi

The Ghost Boats 2.0 Project: A Sustainable Endeavor

The primary objective of the Ghost Boats 2.0 project is to address the environmental challenges posed by abandoned fibreglass boats in the Venice lagoon. These boats, often sunken and stranded in less frequented areas, contribute to the spread of macro- and micro-contaminants from their resins, paints, and metals. Moreover, they obstruct waterways, posing dangers to navigation and detracting from the natural beauty of Venice and its lagoon.

Thanks to the sponsorship by CrowdForLife, the crowdfunding portal of Crédit Agricole Italia, VLPF has worked on this 2.0 project to identify, remove, and recycle these “ghost boats” in cooperation with the Association Poseidone, and the SME Gees Recycling and PR Ecology.‘ The project’s multi-step solution not only aims at preserving the pristine habitat but also ensures the proper treatment of the recovered vessels, adhering to eco-friendly recycling practices.

Indeed, during this event, attendees will have the opportunity to witness the positive impact of this last project thanks to a short documentary that will highlight the dedication and hard work invested in the initiative, for which more than 5 ,5 tonnes have been retrieved and will be recycled.

A strong collaboration

This event marks a continued partnership between VLPF and Fondaco dei Tedeschi and between VLPF and Credit Agricole: this collaboration has been instrumental in the success of the Ghost Boats 2.0 project and underscores the importance of the private sector in supporting initiatives for the greater good, exemplifying the positive outcomes achievable through collaborative efforts and environmental stewardship. 

As VLPF continues its mission to protect the Venice Lagoon, the event offers a moment to reflect on its achievements and inspire future efforts for a sustainable blue circular economy.

To attend, members of the public can book their seats by writing to: