General Assembly of the In-No-Plastic Consortium at the Politehnica University of Bucharest

April 7, 2023
General Assembly of the In-No-Plastic Consortium at the Politehnica University of Bucharest

Venice Lagoon Plastic Free and members of the consortium of the H2020 In-No-Plastic project gathered in Romania on March 23 and 24 for the general assembly to manage the project itself, which was followed by a technical meeting. The event was hosted by POLITEHNICA University of Bucharest. These meetings are essential for the good management of activities, as they allow all partners to share achievements, difficulties faced, possible risks, sharing ideas and solutions, exploring new opportunities and synergies. The event was conducted both online and in person.

On March 23, the technical meeting of the project was held, in which each person in charge of the various work packages presented their partners with updates on activities, subsequently discussing with the leaders of the specific tasks the arrangements and benchmarks to be achieved in the next 6 months. 

On the morning of March 24, the partners were invited to visit the laboratories of POLITEHNICA University of Bucharest, at the Faculty of Materials Science, in which most of the research on water sampling taken at the project’s natural and industrial sites is run for the detection and characterization of the microplastics and microfibers present. In addition, partners were able to view the equipment used to identify plastic contaminants.

The partners also had the opportunity to visit the Dedicated Renewable Energy Sources Laboratory at the Faculty of Energy Engineering, where chemical characterization of the marine plastic waste samples received was carried out (particularly in relation to volatile matter content, ash content, fixed carbon content, mass change and calorific value). Next, the partners also visited several experimental pilot plants for the conversion of plastic waste to energy (circulating fluidized bed combustion plant, gasification reactor, pyrolysis reactor).

In the remaining part of the day, the General Assembly of the project took place to discuss problems and risks related to the project, along with budgets and deadlines related to activities and objectives achievements. The partners also approved their participation in the third and final edition of INNOPLASTIC of the International Workshop” Monitoring, Removal and Circular Economy of Marine Wastes”. The event will be held on June 1 at CNR ISMAR in collaboration with the H2020 MAELSTROM project and HEUROPE SeaClear2.0 in the frame of the Venice International Boat Show.

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