Bubble Barrier Launches in Vila do Conde: A Triumph in Marine Litter Removal

November 28, 2023
Bubble Barrier Launches in Vila do Conde: A Triumph in Marine Litter Removal

The Bubble Barrier in Vila do Conde, Portugal, was officially launched on the 26 of November, marking a pioneering milestone in the battle against riverine/marine litter. The innovative system was co-designed and implemented by our partners The Great Bubble Barrier and the Institute for Sustainable Energy – University of Malta, in partnership with Câmara Municipal de Vila do Conde and with the key support of Deltares and CIIMAR / CIMAR Associate Laboratory.

A Collaborative Effort

The inauguration ceremony witnessed the presence of esteemed guests, including the Portuguese State Secretary for the Sea, Dr. José Maria Costa, the Vice-President of the Portuguese Environmental Agency, Dr. José Pimenta Machado, and the Mayor of Vila do Conde, Dr. Vítor Manuel Moreira Costa. The event also welcomed the Port Captaincy Commander Monica Martins, the Director of Docapesca – Portos e Lotas, S.A. Dr. Nuno Coelho, and Lipor CEO, Dr. Fernando Leite. This collaborative effort showcased the dedication of key stakeholders in addressing the critical issue of marine litter.

The successful implementation of this sustainable solution reflects the commitment of diverse organizations working together to combat plastic pollution in water bodies.

For the Maelstrom H2020 team, the inauguration marked a moment of joy after nearly three years of intensive work. This event celebrated the deployment of their second technology for marine litter removal. The first technology, a seabed cleaning platform, was previously tested in the lagoon of Venice. The Bubble Barrier in Vila do Conde represents another step forward in their mission to address the global challenge of plastic waste in our oceans and waterways.

The operational Bubble Barrier is already proving its efficacy in capturing plastics and waste in the Ave River. Its presence underscores the potential for scalable and impactful solutions to mitigate the adverse effects of marine litter on aquatic ecosystems. By actively preventing the flow of plastics downstream, this barrier contributes to safeguarding marine life and preserving the health of water bodies.

The official launch of the Bubble Barrier in Vila do Conde stands as a testament to the power of collaboration and innovation in tackling environmental challenges. As this cutting-edge technology continues to make a positive impact, it serves as an inspiring example for communities and organizations worldwide to join forces in the ongoing fight against marine pollution.